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There's nothing we love more than hearing the feedback from our users after we make them risk free money via matched betting. The great thing about our free matched betting service is that positive reviews and feedback just keep coming our way. That's because if you follow the step by step process we have in place there is absolutely no way you won't make a profit! 

Below are some of the recent testimonials we have been sent by our existing members. If you've profited using our matched betting service and want to tell the world how much you made or even what you spent it on then please email us and we'll get your review added here! is the real deal. I had never used a matched betting website before, and at the beginning I was sceptical. However, their website is great, instructions are clear and their support is fantastic. Going through the offers and getting the free bonuses was easier than what I initially thought and I’m very happy. It is 100% risk free, just like they advertise it. If you do what they tell you to do, you’ll make money. As simple as that! Recommend it!  

Goncalo da Costa

 I used this site a few weeks ago and I must admit I thought it was too good to be true but I contacted their support team a few times first (their Live Chat is superb!) and they helped me understand matched betting far better than if I had read a book on it! They put it in real simple terms so it all made perfect sense. Anyone who is thinking about doing this, give it a go, you won't regret it!  

Sarah Garrett

 I came across this site having been already introduced to the concept of matched betting. I found the interface very easy to use and loved the way my profit was tracked so I could see how much I was earning. I would strongly recommend this site to anyone who is strapped for cash.  

William Nutting

 I had heard about matched betting a long time ago but after looking into it there were too many ways for me to mess the odds up (until I found Raid The Bookie anyway!). Using this site makes it absolutely impossible to lose any money. They don't even ask you for any fee to be a member either. Best site I've found online in a long time!  

Steve Hiley

 I started using Raid The Bookie a few months ago after doing a bit of research about matched betting myself. Turns out it does work just like everyone says! I made about 450 pounds over the course of two weeks. The support team at Raid The Bookie were really helpful and answered any questions to put my mind at ease.   

Luci Matthews

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 I wasn't sure about this at first, since I have had bad experiences with betting before but quickly discovered this really was risk free money making. Their live chat works like a charm and if you have any question at all they are always willing to help you. Above all though, their system works and I would really recommend it to anyone and everyone.  

Ross Fraser

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